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      My First Book is for the Family

               I welcome your comments and would love to come out and speak or you can schedule me to do a         book-signing at your event. 

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     Book Signing  Schedules

                           I have already had two Book-signings since the first book was published in late 2012. 

                                                   The first book signing was in Denver on Valentine's Day.

       The second one was in Henderson, Nevada at the Green Valley Hotel and Casino.

       I had the ribbon cutting of the  book by the Chamber of Commerce at this event.

New Book Title

I have since authored and co-authored with my granddaughter a new book titled

 "The Ten Demandments - For Husband, Wife, Children and Self"


Press Release


Author Loretta J. Womack composes a book that serves to strengthen the Christian household.


As stated in the Old Testament in the Bible, Moses has been given the Ten Commandments from God, for

Christians to obediently follow while in the New Testament, Jesus has instructed his disciples to love God with

all their heart, mind, and soul, and to do so to their neighbor as well. From the commandments, Loretta J.

Womack questions what to expect from their wives, husbands, children, and most essentially, themselves.


The Ten Demandments is a book that encourages and inspires Christian families with a collection of

Commandments, or Demandments, that every Christian husband, wife, and child, must abide by and expect   

to live and maintain a healthy relationship. Womack states the importance of maintaining these Demandments

within a Christian household and offers biblical sound advice to keep these promises. By faithfully following

the Ten Commandments and the Demandments, one can expect an adoring relationship with their loved ones

and glorify and honor God concurrently. The Ten Demandments are a must for Christians that seek to maintain

an honest relationship with their family and aim to deepen their relationship with God.


Loretta J. Womack has spent three decades working in a phone company, and is the proud founder of The

Determined Grandmothers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Along with 6 children, 28 grandchildren, and 22 great

grandchildren, Womack is the matriarch of four generations.


Check out Mrs.Womack interviews with Ray Roberts and 5 Star Living to know more.

She is also featured in a TV interview with Larry Carnes at the Preach the Word Worldwide Network.

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Other News and Upcoming Events
  • G'N'I Holywood Productions Celebrities for Christ Talent Studio.
  • G'N'I CFC Holywood Production Scholarship Talent Fundraiser Ceremony.
  • Book to Film, of The Ten Demandments in the near future.

  • L W Teen Choice Model Catalog coming soon.
  • L W will continue to find ways to help the Youth in Nevada with her program "What's Your Purpose."

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